Top Refreshing Soft Drinks To Enjoy In The Sunshine

Here are some cooling soft drinks that everyone should enjoy while the sun is shining this summer that won’t leave you longing for alcoholic beverages instead.

Waiting for summer to arrive can feel like an eternity, so when it does come, us Brits like to make the most of it by throwing barbecues, hitting the beach, going for walks with friends, and indulging in delicious drinks.

While many people automatically assume these have to be alcoholic, this is not the case. The 19 per cent of adults in the UK who do not drink alcohol can still very much enjoy something refreshing without having to risk their sobriety. 

So, here are some cooling soft drinks that you should indulge in while the sun is still shining this summer. 

Pink lemonade

There’s something very nostalgic about a glass of pink lemonade, and despite it tasting very similar to the original lemon carbonated drink, it feels a lot more exciting to drink. 

It is thought that pink lemonade has existed for nearly 200 years when a circusman accidentally dropped cinnamon sweets in the lemonade, dyeing the mixture pink. Instead of throwing the lot away, they remarketed it as ‘pink lemonade’ and the rest, as they say, is history. 

These days, pink lemonade can be flavoured with raspberry, strawberry or cranberry juice to give it its distinctive candy colour, and enjoying one in a ice-cold glass with mint leaves on top can be mistaken for an alcoholic alternative, such as rose gin or a strawberry bellini, instead.  

Mango lassi

If you’ve ever tried a mango lassi in an Indian restaurant, you’ll know how delicious these drinks can be. Their yoghurt content helps to cool you down on a sunny day, while the fruit gives you that sweet, sugar hit you need when it is sweltering outside.

The great thing about mango lassis is they are easy to make yourself by simply blending a ripe or frozen mango, plain yoghurt, milk, honey or sugar and ice together,and sprinkling some cardamom on top. 

Mango lassis are also popular among health enthusiasts as a glass contains 9g of protein in just 195 calories, and only 3g of fat. 

Cream sodas

A much quicker, and equally tasty, alternative, however, is a cream soda. This fizzy drink is based on the flavours of an ice-cream float, which are traditionally vanilla and sweet syrups. 

The fact that cream sodas are not as widely available as they used to be makes them taste even better, particularly when trying to relax in the sunshine.

CBD cream sodas are best enjoyed after they have been chilled, as they are an incredibly satisfying beverage if you need something to cool you down after a long day in the sun!

With a cream soda, you won’t even notice you’re not having a beer, a glass of cider, or a crisp glass of wine, as you’ll feel refreshed, replenished, and ready to face the rest of the day without a headache.